Successfully treating Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders using specialist non-invasive naturally based sciences developed over decades of research

Welcome to Kings Hair Clinic

Welcome to Kings Hair Clinic.  We specialise in treating hair loss and scalp disorders including Alopecia (of all types), seborrhoeic (oily) scalp conditions, pityriasis conditions (itchy, flaky scalps) and diffuse hair loss, thinning hair as well as other difficult to treat and diagnose hair loss and scalp conditions

Kings Hair Clinic utilises sciences developed over many years to effectively treat all types of Hair Loss and Scalp conditions.

All treatment is non-invasive, pain free and utilises premium naturally based and clinically proven products developed by some of the most highly respected Trichologists in the sector and carried out by a highly knowledgeable and experienced practitioner with an excellent reputation for successfully treating hair loss and scalp disorders.

Kings Hair Clinic is professional with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  We find that if we are able to help you to relax, we are able to help you better.  We are conveniently located on Victoria Terrace, (Kingsway) in Hove.  We look forward to welcoming you to Kings Hair Clinic.

How We Help

Proven, gentle, non-invasive treatment for Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions.

Modern confidential Consultation Area

Non-Invasive naturally based sciences

Individual treatment facilities


Hair Loss is not always permanent

“I was sceptical before my first visit to the clinic. My scalp had caused me problems for years and I had tried everything. Then my hair had started to fall…

AP Hove

“Back in late Summer 2018 I finally got brave enough to make an appointment at Kings Hair Clinic. The previous months had been a nightmare, my hair was falling out…

Gill From Hove

Lukas is fantastic, solved my hair and scalp issues and now I have regular top up treatments. Lukas has a lovely clinic in Hove, I wouldn't go anywhere else!

AT Hove

Lukas is friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. It's always a pleasure to go in for a treatment. I cannot recommend him strongly enough. My hair has never looked better.

RT Hove

Hi everyone, I noticed a shedding of my hair a while ago and I tried to get some help through NHS but unfortunately NHS didn't help,so one day I came…

MT Hove

I cannot recommend Kings Hair Clinic highly enough!! Lukas is amazing!! I would never have thought that the treatment could have such fantastic results. I have been SO impressed. Plus,…

BB Brighton

“The products are really good and have helped my condition. I have been using the products for three months and have seen an improvement. Mr Lukas diagnosed the problem and…

MS Hove

"I decided to make an appointment for a consultation. I was advised the reason my hair started falling out was due to stress. I was prescribed Bio therapy Shampoo, Vitamin…

RB Portslade

"My hair had been shedding and was beginning to visibly look thinner, particularly around the front hairline and sides. This was making me feel very stressed and down and I…

JD Saltdean

“Alopecia a better way forward Early in 2014 my hairdresser noticed that I had several patches of hair loss and although I am not young, hair loss was something of…

SK Littlehampton

“I had a problem with Alopecia Areata since 2003. I went to see many Doctors about it but nothing they had suggested had worked. Fortunately last May I found Lukas.…

SM Hove

“Following several operations and 8 weeks in hospital I discovered I was losing my hair. I was extremely upset after all I had been through, but was determined to find…

JM Henfield

“I first saw Lukas when he worked at another clinic. I’d never have guessed that my hair loss problem was being caused by my glasses!  I’ll allow him to explain,…

NW Hove