Kings Hair Clinic will only supply and treat with products which are non-hormonal, non-steroidal and are based on a proven history of successful and ethical treatment.

Eucaderm Products

Eucaderm Products are the invention of esteemed Trichologist David Satchell and have been developed with over 40 years of scientific expertise and experience of treating hair loss and scalp disorders.

Not only are Eucaderm products proven to have helped literally thousands of people in that time, they are developed with gentle, natural sciences at their forefront.  The products are formulated using the natural properties of essential oils. They are non-hormonal, non-steroidal and do not contain any silicones, artificial thickeners or synthetic perfumes.

Eucaderm products leave the hair beautifully conditioned and with a wonderful lustre and shine.   You will normally notice an improvement in the general body and condition of your hair within a few uses.   In fact usually family and friends will notice first.  So much so that that often after we’ve resolved people’s hair and scalp problems they continue using the products as their hair has never looked so good .

As they are highly concentrated, only a small amount of each product is required meaning that they are also remarkable value for products of such high quality formulated by holistic Trichologist, David Satchell who has accrued over 40 years of research and practitioner experience.  Eucaderm products have been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of all types of Alopecia, Seborrhoeic (oily, greasy) scalp conditions, severe dandruff or scaly conditions and many more.  If you require advice on your potential suitability, please do get in touch with the clinic for more information or to arrange an appointment for consultation.  (See What We Do).

Eucaderm Shampoo No 1 (200 mls)

Lightly antiseptic and beautifully fragranced with Lemon Oil, this shampoo will leave the hair wonderfully shiny and is an excellent product for addressing light dandruff and cradle cap.

Eucaderm Shampoo No 2 (200 mls)

Particularly helpful for oily or greasy hair and scalps, this shampoo is formulated with orange oil leaving the hair with a beautiful shine and lustre.

Eucaderm Shampoo No 3 (200 mls)

Formulated with Juniper tar, this mildly medicated shampoo is one of the most popular Eucaderm shampoos and is particularly helpful for flaky, itchy or scaly scalps.  It is often helpful for those people suffering from psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis of the scalp.

Eucaderm Conditioner No 1 (200 mls)

Blended with Jasmine Oil, Conditioner No 1 leaves the hair beautifully glossy without weighing it down, so is especially suitable for fine, flyaway hair.  We also recommend this conditioner for dry or chemically processed hair.

Eucaderm Conditioner No 2 (200 mls)

With a silky white consistency, this conditioner is recommended for greasy hair and scalps. It will leave the hair sleek and full of body.

Eucaderm Conditioner No 3 (200 mls)

With a light fresh fragrance, the blend of natural herbs in Conditioner No 3 is especially helpful for dry, frizzy or chemically treated hair.  Conditioner No 3 Improves condition, shine and manageability.

Eucaderm Hair & Scalp Stimulator (200 mls)

Applied to the scalp, Hair & Scalp Stimulator helps to improve circulation increase blood flow in the scalp and is activated by applying cold water and massage.  It causes a tingling sensation.  ***It should not be used on broken skin***

Eucaderm TN25 Food Supplement (60 capsules)

Eucaderm TN25 formulated by holistic Trichologist David Satchell, is a supplement containing a unique blend of a multivitamin and live natural enzymes to assist in the absorption of nutrients within the diet (and the vitamin) to benefit the circulatory system and in turn boost the immune system.  Healthy circulatory, digestive and immune systems are necessary for the growth of healthy hair, skin and nails.  Eucaderm TN25 was nominated in 2001 for a Queens Award for Innovation.

TN25 uniquely contains protease, lipase and amylase which are naturally occurring digestive enzymes that help to break down fats, starches and sugars.  We can often be deficient in these digestive enzymes and therefore our digestive systems function less efficiently.  TN25 Food supplement is formulated with a unique blend of a multivitamin & minerals along with live enzymes and probiotics to assist the digestive system processes

Eucaderm Resveratrol & TN25 Supplement (60 capsules)

Resveratrol, a plant compound  featuring widely in the press over recent years is a rich anti-oxidant. Scientific research is exploring its potential benefits for conditions including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and even aging.   Resveratrol TN25 is blended with the uniquely developed Eucaderm TN25 Food Supplement containing a multivitamin with minerals, live enzymes and probiotics developed by renowned Trichologist, David Satchell.

Eucaderm Scalp Cleansers & Balms

In order to grow, healthy hair it is important to maintain the health of the scalp.  Oily, greasy, dry, itchy or scaly scalps are not conducive to growing a healthy head of hair.  Eucaderm provides 3 types of cleansers and balms to address the most frequently experienced problems occurring on the scalp.  Looking after the scalp, will often help with the growth of the hair.

Scalp Cleanser 1 (200 mls)

Eucaderm Scalp Cleanser 1 is a mildly medicated cleanser particularly helpful in soothing the scalp and removing light dandruff.

Scalp Cleanser 2 (200 mls)

Specifically formulated for greasy, oily scalps and to assist in helping to relieve the symptoms of “hot” or itchy scalps.

Scalp Cleanser 3 (200 mls)

A mildly medicated cleansing lotion which has been formulated to assist in the removal of flakiness or scale.  It can also help alleviate the symptoms of dry itchy scalps.

Scalp Cleansing Balm 1 (200 mls)

Richly formulated to intensively condition the hair and leave it with a lustrous shine and improve manageability.  It is also helpful for the treatment of light dandruff.

Scalp Cleansing Balm 2 (200 mls)

A mildly medicated balm containing a rich blend of ingredients to help rebalance a healthier pH balance to oily, greasy scalps and hair.

Scalp Cleansing Balm 3 (200 mls)

Scalp Cleansing Balm 3 is specifically formulated for the treatment of mild to severe dandruff and for scaly or dry itchy scalps.  It wiill leave a lovely shine and lustre to the hair.