At Kings Hair Clinic we treat all types of hair loss and scalp disorders, from thinning hair to alopecia, to relief from itchy, uncomfortable scalps, dry, scaly or flaky, dandruff or pityriasis conditions.  Our approach is holistic so careful analysis of client lifestyle and environment will often lead to one of the many contributing factors that potentially improve the condition. Types of Hair Loss and Scalp Disorder conditions seen in the clinic are as follows;

Diffuse Hair Loss  General Thinning throughout.

Telogen and Anagen Effluvium (Thinning due to interruption of the growth cycle).

Thinning at the temples and/or front hairline (may be due to a number of reasons)

Alopecia Areata (small or widespread patches of localised hair loss)

Traction Alopecia (Areas of Loss due to routine.)

Alopecia Totalis (Total hair loss from entire scalp area).

Alopecia Universalis (total hair loss from entire scalp and loss of facial and body hair).

Seborrhoea (oily, greasy, scalp which sometimes may be itchy or red and very uncomfortable).

Contact & Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Dandruff (Flaky scalp)

Pityriasis (Scaling of the scalp, which may be dry and/or flaky)

Psoriasis (Dry, silvery, sometimes itchy and scaly areas of the scalp which will often also affect other areas of the body).

Lichenification (Hardening of the skin)

Trichotillomania (Hair loss caused by tugging or pulling of one’s own hair).

Pruritus (Itching of the scalp)

Folliculitis (Inflammation of the hair follicle).

Hair Loss and Scalp conditions will often be due to single or multiple factors that have instigated the condition and are in some cases making it worse or at least compounding it.  Careful objective analysis will often be the key to successful treatment.  At your first appointment we will initially spend 1 hour assessing your case in order to identify any evidential factors contributing towards the problem and offer advice on how these factors can be addressed.  Often it is this that can lead to the potential solution.