How We Help

During your Consultation appointment we will conduct a full case review of the circumstances that have led to your problem.  It may be that you have already been to see other practitioners or tried to self-treat at home.  It may be of no surprise but often something that someone may be doing or not doing can contribute to the problem and in some cases even exacerbate it. The appointment will usually take an hour where you will be asked questions about your health & lifestyle.  Your scalp will be thoroughly examined using microscopic equipment and cameras and photos will be taken of the affected areas.

If treatment is of benefit, then this will be discussed with you. Sometimes this may be as simple as adopting a new routine to follow at home.  At other times treatment is recommended.  Expectations are clearly explained and detailed and any costs are made clear before you make any decision on what you would like to do.  There is no hard sell to anything we might offer.  It’s not something we would be comfortable with and you do not need any extra stresses!

For some people to finally know what the problem is and its potential causes is enormously empowering.  Sometimes it may be a combination of problems which require a multi-therapeutic approach and it is very rare that we can’t offer any helpful advice.

For most people, losing your hair or coping with a scalp condition will be extremely stressful.  Not having a name for it or knowing what to do about it and whether it can be treated is such an awful added stress.  We’d always recommend seeking early advice which will help to reduce the stress and will often prevent the condition from becoming worse.   Many Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders will often be exacerbated by stress, so seeking the right advice is imperative.

We pride ourselves on providing sympathetic, professional advice detailed in a way that is easy to understand.  We will not offer treatment or products where we don’t feel it will be helpful as our reputation depends on integrity and demonstrating results and we stake our reputation on this.  After all it’s what we do.

Any treatment offered is gentle, non-invasive, non-steroidal and non-hormonal.   We use natural Trichological sciences that we have successfully worked with over a number of years. Whenever treatment is recommended your progress is benchmarked by photos taken in the clinic and added to your file so that you can see the results for yourself.