Hello, I’m Lukas Kingwill, the Clinic Director at Kings Hair Clinic in Hove.

I have been treating Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders in Brighton and Hove since 2012 and have built up an excellent reputation.   Often people will be feeling at their lowest ebb, the first time I see them and I genuinely find it a privilege and an honour to be able to help people with hair loss and scalp disorders.

In so many cases people have come to accept that losing their hair or suffering with a scalp problem is just something that they are going to have to learn to live with and accept it.  In so many instances, seeking help would confirm that is not the case.

I am often asked what the best advice is that I could offer someone who has been losing hair or suffering from an itchy, flaky scalp.  My answer is always to seek help as soon as possible.  In general, identifying the problem at the earliest stage will almost always provide a better outcome.

Lukas Kingwill

People often imagine solving the problem will involve expensive and/or painful surgery and/or using steroids or taking medication that could cause side effects.  In fact at Kings Hair Clinic, we will not use any of these approaches and have an ethos of treating with gentle, naturally based and side effect free proven sciences.

In some cases, the problem may be as a result of routine, where doing or not doing something is the cause of the problem and seeking professional advice is the solution, meaning that there is not a need to use or take anything.

During your appointment I will explain my observations and provide physiological and anatomical reasoning in easy to understand language.  Equipped with the information that you need in order to understand the reasons you may be experiencing the condition is the first step to ascertaining the steps that may be taken to wherever possible help reduce the hair loss or address the scalp condition.

For me it is a genuine pleasure and privilege to come into the Clinic each day and see who it is that I may be able to help next.