As Kings Hair Clinic has been established in 2017. Some of these reviews are accounts provided by people treated by Lukas Kingwill in previous local practice.  The reviews are freely available on the internet at yell.com, google and via other online sources.

Lukas is very knowledgeable and has correctly diagnosed my problem on my first appointment. I received advice on how to take care of my hair and how to use the products he recommended to help with my hair loss. In 2 months and a half I got my first results and after 6 months my hair was better than I ever had it. I’m very happy and would definitely recommend Lukas.

MG Newhaven (From Google)

Lukas was thorough on evaluating the potential issues causing my scalp irritation & hair loss, and explained clearly why some potential causes were possible and why some were not. After this evaluation, a microscopic scalp examination was carried out. With the results of both the evaluation and the scalp examination, he was able to determine that the issues were likely down to a reaction to a hair product I had been using. He pin-pointed which product this might be and I am now looking at using an alternative product based on what he said to avoid. I’m hoping from this that I can avoid losing any more hair for at least a few more years to come, and that the hair I had previously lost will grow back. From my P.O.V., this is an independent clinic doing things the correct way.

SM Hove (From Google)

Can thoroughly recommend Lukas’ services. He’s friendly, reassuring and understanding. Having now had several consultations, I feel much more aware of the factors impacting hair loss and how best to manage scalp and hair health.

RS Hove (From Google)

When I first met Lukas my confidence was very low. I had been through a very stressful period in my life and to make matters worse my hair was shedding dramatically.  Lukas immediately made me feel at ease and I was able to talk about my problem.  After a close examination of my scalp Lukas reassured me that it was treatable.  After about 3 months I noticed a dramatic difference in my hair which just kept on improving.  My hair was healthy again and this was all validated with comments from my family and friends about the condition and thickness. The products are amazing and my hair is healthy and shining and has not looked this good in years.  I will always be so grateful to Lukas .  Thank you!

Mrs C Hove

“I was sceptical before my first visit to the clinic. My scalp had caused me problems for years and I had tried everything. Then my hair had started to fall out. My hairdresser was very unhelpful. She commented on how awful it was. I felt defeated.
As soon as I entered the clinic Lukas made me feel relaxed. He was professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. He listened to me for quite a time, examined my scalp and immediately gave me a diagnosis. The relief of knowing what was going on with my scalp and having a plan for tackling it was fantastic.
As soon as I started the treatment plan things improved immediately. As time went by it only got better and eventually my hair started to grow again. My scalp still flares but I know what to do now.
I can’t thank Lukas enough. I highly recommend him. If you are not sure about getting help I would say do it”.

AP Hove

AP Hove

“Back in late Summer 2018 I finally got brave enough to make an appointment at Kings Hair Clinic. The previous months had been a nightmare, my hair was falling out and my scalp was sore, red and very itchy. I was really quite ashamed of letting a stranger inspect my head. However there was nothing to get so worried about as straight from the initial consultation, Lukas reassured me that he had seen my treatable condition before and told me that I could stop looking at wig catalogues! The treatment took a little discipline as it involved washing my hair daily for a few weeks & I would return regularly to the Clinic for a full treatment session, but the results were worth it. My scalp is back to normal and hair has started to grow again. Lukas has such an easy manner and was so non-judgemental that I am very happy to recommend both him and his treatments to any new prospective client. Many thanks Lukas. All the best, Gill from Hove

Gill From Hove

Lukas is fantastic, solved my hair and scalp issues and now I have regular top up treatments. Lukas has a lovely clinic in Hove, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

AT Hove

Lukas is friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. It’s always a pleasure to go in for a treatment. I cannot recommend him strongly enough. My hair has never looked better.

RT Hove

Hi everyone,
I noticed a shedding of my hair a while ago and I tried to get some help through NHS but unfortunately NHS didn’t help,so one day I came across Kings hair clinic which I never heard before but I decided to go there for a consultation.
As soon as I spoke with Lucas, I felt immediately positive about my shedding.Lucas was absolutely fantastic from the beginning.He suggested a treatment with him and one to do at home.As soon as I started the treatments my hair changed very quickly.It looked healthy and shiny and after 3 months new hair started to grow.
At the end of the treatment with Lucas,all the patches where my hair used to be fewer, grew back and the hair looked amazing.
Lucas was amazing all the way through.He is very professional and friendly and definitely will help you with your hair issues.
I highly recommend Kings hair Clinic to everyone who loves their hair.

MT Hove

I cannot recommend Kings Hair Clinic highly enough!! Lukas is amazing!! I would never have thought that the treatment could have such fantastic results. I have been SO impressed. Plus, the treatment is just so luxurious. It is like having a break at a health spa!! Thank you so much Lukas, you have restored my confidence and I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and advice!!

BB Brighton

“The products are really good and have helped my condition. I have been using the products for three months and have seen an improvement. Mr Lukas diagnosed the problem and treated it accordingly. I am very happy.”

MS Hove

“I decided to make an appointment for a consultation. I was advised the reason my hair started falling out was due to stress. I was prescribed Bio therapy Shampoo, Vitamin plus conditioning treatment, Hair scalp stimulator and vitamins. I was warned it might not start working for about 3 months and would be a slow process but after only a month I could see a big difference. Now my hair has stopped falling out and now I get comments on how healthy and thick my hair is again.”

RB Portslade

“My hair had been shedding and was beginning to visibly look thinner, particularly around the front hairline and sides. This was making me feel very stressed and down and I was constantly thinking and worrying about my hair all the time. I was seen by Lukas, who diagnosed my condition as Telogen Effluvium, which can be onset by a stressful event or accumulative stress over a period of time. I was given a regime to follow including, shampoo and conditioner, scalp stimulator and enzyme tablets. I left the clinic feeling so much happier, firstly by having had a confirmed diagnosis but also feeling that I now had some control over my situation. After about 5 weeks of following the regime daily, I could see new growth coming through which was amazing. Nearly a year on my hair looks thicker and healthier. After a few months of visiting the clinic the first time, my 6 year old daughter developed a fungal scalp infection which was not treated with the right medication by our GP. Consequently the infection got worse and she ended up with a bald spot on the top of her head about the size of a 10 pence. This was devastating, not knowing whether this might be permanent (as was a distinct possibility as advised by a Paediatrician).  After having the infection dealt with by a dermatologist I immediately brought my daughter to the Hair Clinic. Again, we were given a regime to follow, including shampoo and conditioner appropriate for my daughter’s scalp and hair. After 6 weeks of following the regime my daughter had new growth and this was such a relief, more so than for myself. Her hair may have grown back on it’s own eventually but I’m convinced that it came back quicker as a result of the regime we followed.”

JD Saltdean

“Alopecia a better way forward Early in 2014 my hairdresser noticed that I had several patches of hair loss and although I am not young, hair loss was something of a shock to me. I went to see my general practitioner (GP) and confess I felt quite anxious. My GP explained that there was very little that could be done. He arranged a few blood tests to be carried out which were perfectly normal and then he subsequently referred me on to a consultant dermatologist. I saw the consultant dermatologist quite quickly and she did little to raise my spirits. Like my doctor she explained little could be done, options were to leave the bald patches as they were or try a spray treatment called Regaine, which is not on prescription and would cost £25 per month to use. The dermatologist also explained the condition could get worse or even recur in the future. I did feel quite low following this consultation and felt I had nowhere to turn. I was very concerned about the spray the dermatologist prescribed. The data stated that it should not be used if you are over 65 years old (which I was) or if you have high blood pressure (I have hypertension) and you could not expose your hair to the sun (I love going on holiday with my husband). The data also explained if you stop using the spray you will most likely lose the hair again and therefore would have to use it for the rest of your life. I was very confused at this point. I was over 65 years old, I have high blood pressure and I do enjoy holidays in the sun. I decided not to use this spray. My mood was quite low at this point and felt that I was alone with this condition. Then a friend explained to me she had a similar experience and advised me to go to the Hair Clinic. From my first meeting with Lukas at the Clinic I felt my worries drop away. Lukas spent a long time reassuring me that he treats this type of hair loss successfully every day. His explanations, kindness and warmth lifted my mood and gave me confidence. I felt I could fully trust Lukas with my problem of hair loss. It is now December 2014 and I am some months on from my first visit to the Hove Hair Clinic. My hair has come back as has my confidence. I cannot thank the staff of this clinic enough and would highly recommend the clinic to anyone with hair loss.”

SK Littlehampton

“I had a problem with Alopecia Areata since 2003. I went to see many Doctors about it but nothing they had suggested had worked. Fortunately last May I found Lukas. From the very beginning he made me feel confident that he could help. At the consultation he asked a lot of questions and I was impressed that he took so many photos of my condition which I had never had at any appointment with other practitioners, so it was at least a 1000 more points for him at this stage!  I decided to attend the appointments that he recommended and after a few months I began to see the results. I kept attending until Lukas said that I would be OK to continue at home using the products.”  “I am really happy with how they helped and feel lucky to have found them.”

SM Hove

“Following several operations and 8 weeks in hospital I discovered I was losing my hair. I was extremely upset after all I had been through, but was determined to find someone who could help. I looked on google” “and booked an appointment with Lukas. He was very caring and understanding and assured me that he had seen lots of people in my situation and that with treatment at the clinic and following a strict routine at home that I would get my hair back. After six weeks it had stopped shedding which was a great start and also tiny new shoots of hair were coming through. I have now completed 12 weeks and feel a different person. My hair is growing well each week and I am sure it will all return to how it was before.”

JM Henfield

“I first saw Lukas when he worked at another clinic. I’d never have guessed that my hair loss problem was being caused by my glasses!  I’ll allow him to explain, but through thorough analysis and the observations he made about my lifestyle I was provided with the right advice and a routine to follow.  It is clearly obvious that he cares and is passionate about helping people to resolve their problems.  My hair grew back and I haven’t had a problem since.”

NW Hove