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Gill From Hove

By April 23, 2019

“Back in late Summer 2018 I finally got brave enough to make an appointment at Kings Hair Clinic. The previous months had been a nightmare, my hair was falling out and my scalp was sore, red and very itchy. I was really quite ashamed of letting a stranger inspect my head. However there was nothing to get so worried about as straight from the initial consultation, Lukas reassured me that he had seen my treatable condition before and told me that I could stop looking at wig catalogues! The treatment took a little discipline as it involved washing my hair daily for a few weeks & I would return regularly to the Clinic for a full treatment session, but the results were worth it. My scalp is back to normal and hair has started to grow again. Lukas has such an easy manner and was so non-judgemental that I am very happy to recommend both him and his treatments to any new prospective client. Many thanks Lukas. All the best, Gill from Hove