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JD Saltdean

By August 8, 2017

“My hair had been shedding and was beginning to visibly look thinner, particularly around the front hairline and sides. This was making me feel very stressed and down and I was constantly thinking and worrying about my hair all the time. I was seen by Lukas, who diagnosed my condition as Telogen Effluvium, which can be onset by a stressful event or accumulative stress over a period of time. I was given a regime to follow including, shampoo and conditioner, scalp stimulator and enzyme tablets. I left the clinic feeling so much happier, firstly by having had a confirmed diagnosis but also feeling that I now had some control over my situation. After about 5 weeks of following the regime daily, I could see new growth coming through which was amazing. Nearly a year on my hair looks thicker and healthier. After a few months of visiting the clinic the first time, my 6 year old daughter developed a fungal scalp infection which was not treated with the right medication by our GP. Consequently the infection got worse and she ended up with a bald spot on the top of her head about the size of a 10 pence. This was devastating, not knowing whether this might be permanent (as was a distinct possibility as advised by a Paediatrician).  After having the infection dealt with by a dermatologist I immediately brought my daughter to the Hair Clinic. Again, we were given a regime to follow, including shampoo and conditioner appropriate for my daughter’s scalp and hair. After 6 weeks of following the regime my daughter had new growth and this was such a relief, more so than for myself. Her hair may have grown back on it’s own eventually but I’m convinced that it came back quicker as a result of the regime we followed.”