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MT Hove

By March 28, 2019

Hi everyone,
I noticed a shedding of my hair a while ago and I tried to get some help through NHS but unfortunately NHS didn’t help,so one day I came across Kings hair clinic which I never heard before but I decided to go there for a consultation.
As soon as I spoke with Lucas, I felt immediately positive about my shedding.Lucas was absolutely fantastic from the beginning.He suggested a treatment with him and one to do at home.As soon as I started the treatments my hair changed very quickly.It looked healthy and shiny and after 3 months new hair started to grow.
At the end of the treatment with Lucas,all the patches where my hair used to be fewer, grew back and the hair looked amazing.
Lucas was amazing all the way through.He is very professional and friendly and definitely will help you with your hair issues.
I highly recommend Kings hair Clinic to everyone who loves their hair.