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SK Littlehampton

By August 8, 2017

“Alopecia a better way forward Early in 2014 my hairdresser noticed that I had several patches of hair loss and although I am not young, hair loss was something of a shock to me. I went to see my general practitioner (GP) and confess I felt quite anxious. My GP explained that there was very little that could be done. He arranged a few blood tests to be carried out which were perfectly normal and then he subsequently referred me on to a consultant dermatologist. I saw the consultant dermatologist quite quickly and she did little to raise my spirits. Like my doctor she explained little could be done, options were to leave the bald patches as they were or try a spray treatment called Regaine, which is not on prescription and would cost £25 per month to use. The dermatologist also explained the condition could get worse or even recur in the future. I did feel quite low following this consultation and felt I had nowhere to turn. I was very concerned about the spray the dermatologist prescribed. The data stated that it should not be used if you are over 65 years old (which I was) or if you have high blood pressure (I have hypertension) and you could not expose your hair to the sun (I love going on holiday with my husband). The data also explained if you stop using the spray you will most likely lose the hair again and therefore would have to use it for the rest of your life. I was very confused at this point. I was over 65 years old, I have high blood pressure and I do enjoy holidays in the sun. I decided not to use this spray. My mood was quite low at this point and felt that I was alone with this condition. Then a friend explained to me she had a similar experience and advised me to go to the Hair Clinic. From my first meeting with Lukas at the Clinic I felt my worries drop away. Lukas spent a long time reassuring me that he treats this type of hair loss successfully every day. His explanations, kindness and warmth lifted my mood and gave me confidence. I felt I could fully trust Lukas with my problem of hair loss. It is now December 2014 and I am some months on from my first visit to the Hove Hair Clinic. My hair has come back as has my confidence. I cannot thank the staff of this clinic enough and would highly recommend the clinic to anyone with hair loss.”